Field Services

AIMS Field Services is our eye on technology, always alert to this ever changing landscape, and how best to keep current and fulfil the needs of our customers all over campus. You will often see Field Services staff delivering computers and upgrades, usually a very welcome occasion.  They help keep your current computer running smoothly, repair or replace anything that breaks down, and can even work with you to add capabilities when supported by verified business requirements.

Some of the projects and services that the Field Services team are involved with include:

  • Working with our approved vendors to configure and order systems capable of keeping pace with the needs of a dynamic workforce all over campus.
  • Delivering and setting up new systems, as well as re-locating and/or re-purposing computers to meet the needs of your organization.
  • Investigating software technologies that let us do important work with our computers. For instance, Field Services is contributing substantially to our readiness to deploy Windows 10 to all of our current Windows 7 systems.
  • Tracking the substantial number of computer assets already deployed throughout the AIMS customer base. Monitoring the life-cycle of those assets, and making sure retirement is handled appropriately when it’s time.
  • Working with our Help Desk and Incident teams to keep current on the latest assistive software technologies like the ScreenConnect software we use to remotely assist you with solving problems when you call in.
  • Evaluating, and helping to remedy performance issues with your computer. This includes replacing defective components, and adding additional capabilities when approved and based upon a verified business requirement.

Field Services will become involved in day to day operations as needed, and typically in response to Help Desk referrals. Remember that upgrades will likely require supervisory approval and a verified business need. Please keep this in mind, and involve your supervisor prior to submitting any performance or upgrade request.